Why hire a Baby Night Nurse?

The transition of welcoming a new baby(s) into your family can be both physically and mentally draining, especially due to sleep deprivation and uncertainty about the care of your newborn . Therefore there are many advantages to hiring a night nurse including:

  •  Decreased chance of postpartum depression
  • Decreased infant and maternal health complications  due to informed care
  • Decreased maternal exhaustion, frustration, and  apprehension
  • Increased and earlier bonding with newborn
  • Happier baby due to a greater understanding of your infant’s emotional and physical needs and behaviour.

What can a Baby Night Nurse do for you?

The scope and practice of a night nurse is different depending on who you hire. When choosing a night nurse you should make sure they will meet your needs and expectations including but not limited to the following:

  • Emotional support;
  • Newborn Care Support;
  • Sibling Care;
  • Lactation support;
  • Infant feeding;
  • Bottle/pump cleaning and sterilization;
  • Help you initiate a routine with your baby(s);
  • Cord & Circumcision Care;
  • Sponge and tub bath;
  • Records baby’s growth, development & nutrition intake;
  • Teaching swaddling, burping & soothing techniques;
  • Move infant towards sleeping through the night.